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Game Changer

Using Coaching to Level Up!

Using Coaching to Level Up!

Have you ever wondered, “What is coaching anyway!?” We hear this word a lot, but what IS it?

  • Coaching is a way of being that enhances personal and professional communication, understanding, and growth.
  • Coaching is becoming more popular as a career path.
  • Coaching is becoming a leadership style in organizations.

Where do you want to up your game?

With your family? In your communication? On your career path?

This workshop will give you an experience of coaching that will take your communication and your relationships to the next level.

Join us and you will walk away with:

  • Real and practical coaching tools for your business and other areas of your life
  • An experience of coaching and its value
  • An understanding of “what is coaching?”
  • Possibilities for using coaching or coach-style leadership in your future
  • The opportunity for a complimentary individual coaching session for first-hand experience with the power of coaching

Date: (We will hold four different Game Changer workshops and teach four different coaching tools):

  • Jan. 23 (Sat), 10:30am – 12pm
  • Feb. 17 (Wed), 10am – 11:30am
  • March 16 (Tues), 5pm – 6:30pm
  • April 13 (Tues), 12pm – 1:30pm

Where? Zoom (a link will be sent to you after you register)
To Register Email: Cami@mclarencoaching.com

Cost: $35

“What worked well for me was having someone hear me – really hear me – and reflect back my words or make insightful observations in a non-judgmental way. This was incredibly helpful in getting me to see what was getting in the way of me reaching my goals and enabled me to make effective changes. [This]…helped me to convert destructive behaviors and thought patterns into beneficial ones.

The result is a more centered me, my learning how I can change my life in positive ways, and how I can bring into my life what I want. I feel empowered and capable, and have attained my long held goals.”

– Phyllis G.
Roseville, CA

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