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Coach-Style Leadership
Bringing Coach-Style Leadership to the Organization

Asking, Empowering and Guiding

“You manage things; you lead people.” – Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

In today’s business, there is an increasing shift from the traditional style of management to what is called coach-style leadership. Traditional management style is one of “telling,” “supervising” and “disciplining.” It is often seen as controlling and top-down. Coach-style leadership involves, “asking,” “empowering” and “guiding.” It is often seen as a partnership, rather than a hierarchy. (Note: in today’s professional world there is more prevalence of the term “coach.” However, just using that moniker does not mean you are coaching your employees

We distinguish the traditional managerial culture as being grounded in deep background commitments to CONTROL, ORDER and PREDICTION (COP) and a coaching culture as characterized by new commitments to ACKNOWLEDGE, CREATE and EMPOWER (ACE). (Coaching and the Art of Management, Evered and Selman)

Coach-style leadership may not be easier than the traditional style of management, but it IS more effective. It generates buy-in and engagement from employees. It creates a higher level of productivity. It results in a sense of partnership that allows employee to grow and thrive in their positions. (http://www.mclarencoaching.com/leader-as-coach/)

Do you want to bring Coach-Style Leadership in to your organization?

Our 1 ½ day training will support your managers in becoming coach-style leaders.

On Day 1 we will learn:

  • What is coach-style leadership? (As opposed to management and other disciplines)
  • Being purposeful in your work and with your employees
  • Ways of being a coach-style leader
  • Meeting people where they are
  • The concept of WorldView (what is in the way of truly hearing people?)
  • Coaching skills:
    • Deep listening
    • Reflective listening
    • True curiosity
  • How to conduct regular coaching sessions with employees
  • Demo and practice conducting coaching sessions

On Day 2 we will:

  • Conduct Q&A based on the coaching that your leaders have done since Day 1 training
  • Learn to coach accountability to agreements (https://www.comstocksmag.com/commentary/how-become-coach-style-leader)
  • Learn the value of accountability in the organization and how to inspire accountability in employees
  • Demo and practice coaching accountability on broken agreements and results not met

For more information, email Cami at cami@mclarencoaching.com or call 916-747-3660

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