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1. Time Management – Work Smarter, not Harder

Length – 2-3 hours.

Content – In business, “time IS money.” Time management is one of the most sought after skills for professionals and one of the most elusive. This training includes specific tools Cami uses in coaching businesspeople to be more productive and improve the use of their time. She teaches use of these tools in order to work smarter rather than harder. She offers a “paradigm shift” – a different way of viewing time and time management – and specific changes that can be implemented right away to use time more efficiently, ease stress, and increase productivity.

2. Communication 101

Length – 3 hours.

Content – We are not taught effective communication skills in school. Effective communication starts with effective listening. Until you learn to listen, others are not likely to listen to you. But most people do not listen well; as such, they unwittingly undermine the effectiveness of their communication. In this training, you will learn specific listening tools, including “reflective” or empathic listening, that will increase your ability to hear and be heard. After taking this seminar, and learning to truly listen – to what their clients and customers are saying, to what employees are saying, to what supervisors are saying – managers find they are more effective and persuasive. In this seminar, participants will work with one another to learn and practice specific listening skills.

This seminar also delivers information on “speech acts” – ways to speak clearly in order to:

  • get what you want – from employees, staff and clients; and
  • make clear promises so that others, both inside and outside your organization, know what to expect from you thereby building trust and stronger relationships.

See also the Styles Of Communication seminar topic below – a separate more specialized communication training.

3. Accountability in Business

Length – 3 hours

Content – Accountability is the ability to account for all of your actions and results in order to generate the change and the results you desire in the future. It is the foundation for any true progress in one’s business. In this seminar, participants will learn to practice accountable language, attitudes and behaviors in order to assist them in taking responsibility for their actions in order to generate the results they want. Participants will learn that accountability is empowering and enables them to make positive changes in their organizations and their lives. While it is sometimes challenging at first to stop blaming other people, or one’s circumstances, when professionals learn how they can change their own behavior, they see dramatic positive results and decreased frustration. As management model this behavior, this leads to organization-wide change. This seminar includes the opportunity to practice using accountable language, learning from the choices and results that we don’t want, and making changes that lead to the results that we do want.

We usually recommend that this is the first seminar brought into the organization as taking accountability is foundational to making change in any area.

4. Building Trust in Your Organization

Length – 2-3 hours

Content – This seminar lays out the main problems with issues of “trust” in most organizations and involves discussion of the price we pay for lack of trust with clients and customers, outside vendors, and our employees. It examines what will be gained when professionals increase their level of trust and trustworthiness and contains specific practices they can employ to build trust with others. You will learn skills that enable people to develop trust in you and how to coach others in the organization to employ trust-building behaviors as well.

5. Styles of Communication

Length – 2 sessions, each 2 hours. Total of 4 hours. Or it can be done 3.5 hours as a 1/2 day training.

Content – In this seminar, you will learn a particular matrix of communication styles. This matrix contains 4 basic communication styles – driver, analytical, amiable and expressive. You will discover your own style and learn how to determine the styles of other people. You will also learn the best and most effective ways to communicate with all different styles. This seminar is valuable in organizations as it provides the opportunity for all staff to learn how to communicate and work with other styles within the organization (and without) more effectively. It also teaches staff and management how best to communicate with different types of clients and customers. Anywhere you need to be heard and understood, these tools are invaluable.

In Part I of this two-part series, you will identify your personality style and learn about your strengths and challenges. You will also learn how to determine the styles of others. This part can stand alone and convey value in communication without part II of the series.

Part II of this series goes deeper into identifying other people’s styles and is mainly focused on how to communicate with different styles so that others can best hear you. This is a way to be most persuasive with different types of people, whether they are staff, colleagues, clients or even disgruntled customers. (Part I is a prerequisite.)

6. Enrollment: The Art of Collaborative Communication

Length – 3 hours

Content – What is enrollment? Enrollment is a little like sales. Enrollment is a way of “selling” that generates a high degree of ownership in the person you are selling to. Enrollment is everywhere. We enroll potential clients and customers in using our service or buying our product. We enroll our staff into doing their jobs and doing them well. Cami teaches a particular model – the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.™ model – that is a specific method for communicating with people in this way. As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

Participants will learn how to:

  • Easily create rapport and trust;
  • Ask the right questions;
  • Listen so others feel heard; and
  • Speak in a way that others are compelled to take the path you suggest.

7. Values-Based Decisions in Business

Length – 2-3 hours

Content – Since so much of what we do or don’t do stems from our values, professionals find it very useful to learn and discover what their values are, and how to work with and use those values to enhance their business and their business relationships. In this seminar, you will learn the concept of values, values-determination and values-based decision-making. This seminar contains specific tools on discovering your values. (They are often different than you think!) We will show you how to use that knowledge of your individual values, along with decision-making based on those values, to make organizational decisions easier and more effective.

When given in organizations, this seminar includes not only values-clarification for individuals, but also determination of company-wide values. Clearly articulated values can guide decisions and behaviors more effectively. A determination of company-wide values also gives rise to a sense of all members in the organization holding the same priorities and being “on the same page.”

8. Needs Assessment (Create Your Own Seminar or Workshop)

Length – Variable

Content – The Needs Assessment is an opportunity for you to sit down with Cami and discuss what particularized needs you see in your company. Once you have identified overall patterns of behavior that could be improved in the organization, you will discuss with Cami the specific issues on which you would like coaching, whether company-wide, team-wide, or group-wide. You may choose a particular part of your company – support staff, for example; or mid-level management; or a particular group or team – and determine what this segment of your organization needs to become most effective and productive. Cami will then design a workshop specifically for you. The workshop designed may be a 1.5 – 2 hour talk; or it may be a weekly series of group coaching for a period of time (typically 3 – 8 weeks). It is completely determined by the needs of the firm.

Seminar Prices:

Cost of all two-hour seminars is a $2500 flat rate. If you need to shorten the training to 1.5 hours, that can be done, but does not affect the fee. Fee includes a training workbook and 1/2 hour coaching call for all participants. Many companies opt to expand the seminar to 1/2 day (3 hours). This affords you time for group coaching to learn how best to implement the tools into your particular company culture and to develop a plan for how to go about this. Cost for 1/2 day is $3750. Seminars given outside Sacramento will also incur hourly travel time. If you choose two or more 1/2 day trainings, the price will be $3500/training.

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