Certified Performance Coach

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I did coach training with Cami in 2019 and knew that I wanted to be a coach, but also knew that left to my own devices it would take me a long time to get the courage to start my own business or that I may talk myself out of it.

I decided to participate in group coaching with Cami in 2020 with fellow coaches who also wanted similar outcomes. Today, 10 months later, I have my own coaching and yoga business. I have a website and I have successfully enrolled full paying clients, launched a yoga workshop and am planning to participate in a retreat as a coach and yoga teacher. I have achieved so much more than I thought was possible in this time and I know that I would not be here had I done it alone.

The value of the group has been immense. I have been supported, inspired and challenged by my colleagues. I have had the benefit of having not just one coach, but four, who believe that I am capable of achieving my outcomes. Seeing others have the same fears and still achieve their outcomes was a great shift for me. Being part of a group purpose allowed us to challenge our limiting beliefs so that we could change lives, not only that of others, but our own. There is continual learning in group coaching, not just from your own experience, but from the experiences of all the participants. It is impossible to witness change and not let it change what you believe is possible. I would highly recommend group coaching with Cami if you are ready for exponential change.