Certified Performance Coach

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When I completed McLaren Coaching Transformative Coaching Essentials at the end of 2019 and was certified as a professional coach, I didn’t know what was next. My life had been transformed by the coach training. And, I had experienced my intern clients as they transformed their lives as a result of our coaching.

Cami offered to start group coaching around building a coaching business. I thought “Here’s another opportunity to stay involved in the coaching community,“ so I jumped in. There were four of us and none of us really knew what was next. Cami facilitated us in learning the unique techniques of group coaching as we coached one another. She generously shared her years of experience as a coach with a successful coaching busines. I wasn’t sure I wanted a coaching business. I decided to go along to see what happened. Long story short, I now have a successful coaching business, Coaching Dynamic Aging.

What makes my business “successful?” I set an intention and declared each week to do whatever it took to have a minimum number of full-paying clients at all times. With the group’s coaching and feedback helping me clarify my intentions and take action, being accountable and sharing the group synergy and experiences, I reached that goal and surpassed it. I created a sound business structure and I built my confidence and competence even as I participated in facilitating the same for my cohorts. I learned firsthand what it’s like to stretch and declare from nothing.

In addition to group coaching weekly, topics we discussed included how to develop a business, building our confidence and competence, what to charge, how to find and enroll clients, what is our niche, how to deal with rejection, synergy of different businesses (e.g., yoga and coaching), how to give value and promote business, how to choose a name, how to create a website, what forms to use, what comes first – clients or having everything in place, and just brainstorming. Group coaching gave me everything I ever wanted to know about starting a successful coaching business while BEING COACH.