Certified Performance Coach

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I struggled with committing to group coaching after graduating from TCE 2019. I wasn’t sure if sitting in a group for 90 minutes a week with other brand new coaches would support me in creating a successful coaching business. Ten months later, I can say without a doubt that joining the Professional Coaches Group is one of the best decisions that I’ve made since opening my new business. Not only have I refined my vision for my business since joining the group, I’ve also benefited from Cami’s knowledge as a business owner and from the collective knowledge of our group members. The COVID Coaching Program (TCCP) was a blurry dream when I started attending group in January of 2020, today, it is a thriving program receiving donations of time and money from other professional coaches and offering much needed coaching services to women who lost income as a result of the pandemic. Every week I walk away from group with some new piece of information that is relevant either to running my new business or to overcoming my limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of my success. Cami’s skills as a group facilitator are unparalleled and when combined with the group wisdom and the coaching skills of the other participants – the results make the Professional Coaches Group absolutely worth both the time and the money that I invested. Thanks to this group, I am not only a better coach than I was 10 months ago, I’m also a more knowledgeable business owner.