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Self-Care – Now, More Than Ever

Today I am fasting. Why? I recently learned about a process called autophagy. This is the process by which the body cleans out toxic and non-useful cells. It supports healthy aging and can be a way to prevent cancer. It is supported by fasting.  (https://www.healthline.com/health/autophagy) A new thing for me to try! Why? Self-care.

Crop patient taking pill from tableI recently read that humans are statistically more likely to give medicine prescribed by their veterinarian to the dog than they are to take medicine prescribed to them by their medical doctor.


And now. Here we are. At home, a lot of us. This year has been a doozy. In California, there are wildfires everywhere. I have not gone outside to walk my dog in 5 days due to the level of smoke in the air.

It goes on. And what happens when this happens? Do we get healthier? I wish I could say we do. But what I am seeing right now is more stress, more worry, more concern over the state of the world and the uncertainty of so many things we used to take for granted. Many of my clients report that they drop their self-care routines (if they had any) in times of stress.

And so now is time to take action. Not tomorrow. Not when things get “back to normal.” Now. Today. When you finish this article.

According to several authorities, there are 4 main areas of self-care and it is useful to balance all of them. They are:

1. Physical well-being – this one gets the most attention and is very important. This one addresses how well you are caring for the physical machine that is your body.

2. Emotional well-being – this one is dismissed by many as too personal and having “no place in the business world.” Nope. Emotions are with us. We have them. They get triggered on a constant basis. And you ignore them at your peril. Emotional self-care ranges from acknowledging your feelings to connecting with your children and your friends to addressing scary conversations you have been avoiding.

3. Mental well-being – this one asks if you are being intellectually and cognitively stimulated.


4. Spiritual well-being – often dismissed by the “non-religious,” this one asks for your higher purpose, and if you are feeling fulfilled. This part of self-care is wildly important. You may be accidentally fulfilling this need when you go hiking in the woods or journal or meditate.

Take action today. It will change everything for you. And if you want some help, check out this virtual retreat – a chance for you to step away, intentionally, and take time to get what you need.  Led by some of my favorite coaches.  I will be there!


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