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The Power of Your Beliefs

There is a wonderful book I read by a doctor named Bruce Lipton. We read it in our coach training.  It is called The Biology of Belief. On some level, coaching is premised on this idea – that our beliefs are what either propel us forward or hold us back.  For some people, the idea that “beliefs” are just “thoughts you think over and over” and not “truth,” is challenging.  And you don’t have to “believe” this is true.  But your field of possibilities will open in getting what you want in life if you at least consider that it may be true.

There are many types of beliefs. I believe the sun rises in the East.  That one I will not try to disprove for myself.  But then I also believe I am not smart enough to do certain things.  And if my coach challenges me to do those things anyway, my belief may turn out to be untrue.  And I may get something I wanted in the process.

I recently ran across an article that speaks to this in a slightly different way. It addresses the affect that our beliefs have on our bodies.  I find this fascinating.  What if your beliefs are actually shaping your physical body?  And your health?

Read the article. (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/07/magazine/placebo-effect-medicine.html)  And then start to question yourself.  What beliefs do you have that might be holding you back?  It’s interesting to note in this article what makes us truly believe.  For example, if a doctor tells you something do you believe it more?  If someone who has credibility with you tells you something?  If you have researched it?  What makes you believe?  The article addresses “belief” in sugar pills as curative.  And we see that there is a physical change that takes place in many people because they believe this “fact.”

Check your beliefs. Find out how true they are.  Change your behavior and change your beliefs.  But keep the ones that help.

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