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Ask for What You Want

In my on-going theme about language, I was recently reminded of this quote by Mother Teresa.

Mother teresa

Nothing more to say. Ask for what you want. Do not focus on what you DO NOT want.

And if you are, like many people, having a hard time shifting out of what you do not want, write it down – here are all the things I do not want. And then for every item, turn it around. If I don’t have this, then what WILL I have?

I do not want war.  –>  I want peace.

I do not want to be tired. –> I want energy.

I do not want conflict in my marriage. –> I want an experience of ease.

I do not want clients who are “high maintenance.” –> I want clients who will set appointments with me, listen when I give them advice, not text me after hours and expect a response.

Then focus on what you DO want. Focus on it with all your heart and with your mind. Talk about it. Paint pictures of it. Everything will begin to shift for you.

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