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Forget the Accursed “How” (Intention #11)

“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” –Thomas Edison

Another guest blog on intention.  Very simple and straightforward.  Have you ever had this experience?  What do you notice?

On setting intent: A month ago, we set up a climbing rope in a tree. My son could shimmy right up and ring a bell we put at the top. My husband tried, and then I gave it a try. I used to be good at rope-climb in school, but it had been years. I got nowhere!! My husband commented that we both needed to lose 20lbs to be able to do it. I was appalled: I wanted to be able to do this and his comment seemed to put it out of reach. Mentally, I made an intention to climb that rope. The next day my fire captain neighbor was over and he told his son how to hold his feet to make the climb. I watched closely. But the 20lbs thing was a bit of a barrier in my mind.climbing a rope

Yesterday I remembered my intention and the neighbor’s technique. I grabbed the rope, pulled hard, and up I went. We had a party going on and everyone was amazed. I simply responded when I got down, “Well, I set my intention.”

Powerful thing. I’m a bit amazed myself.

–Karen Harrison


When we decide we want to do something and at first we don’t succeed, often we put up these “barriers” in our mind – like Karen did.  She told herself a story – “I have to weigh less in order to get up this rope.”  She was focused on HOW will I get up.  But her shift was from “I want to” (desire) to “I will” (intention).  And in making that shift, she also shifted from “how do I?” to “I will.”  She let go of the accursed “how’s” and she decided to do it.

It reminds me of the unappetizing old phrase, “there is more than one way to skin a cat” and my new favorite, from the movie, Finding Dory, “there is always another way.”

Imagine the possibilities when you live this way — there is always another way.  Don’t focus on the how.  Focus on the outcome — set an intention and commit to it.  Your intention combined with your commitment will amaze you.

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