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It’s Not That Hard (Intention, #3)

Intention is remarkably powerful.  So many times, I have had clients tell me they intended something and then they forgot about it and later realized it had manifested in their lives.  Visualization plays a strong part in intention.  “What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

When we visualize, our brains begin to make room for that possibility.  They in fact start to look for ways to make it happen.  I have heard of people writing down intentions and putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them, only to discover them years later and realize all of their outcomes had been accomplished.  The following story illustrates this point perfectly.

“At the end of December 2014, I sat in a room with several people and Cami walked us through a visualization to see what the next year (2015) would look like. We were instructed to close our eyes, and jump forward in time and “see” exactly where we were. What was the room? What were we wearing? What were the smells and sounds? I went through this exercise and saw a party with friends and family, and then my husband and I sitting on the couch as the ball dropped, we toasted and relaxed on the couch.

On December 31, 2015, my husband and I hosted a party and because everyone was tired, they all went home early. I was kind of irritated that they didn’t stay for the “toast” to the new year, but decided we would sit on the couch (rather than go out to a bar) and relax. And sure enough, when the ball dropped, we toasted each other and enjoyed the calmness of the new year.new year's eve

I didn’t realize that I had actually envisioned the same exact scenario play out until about a month later when I did the visualization for the 2016 year. I was amazed that I saw exactly what happened. It’s as if I planned it that way. And as I have learned from the power of intention, it was exactly what I had planned.”

–Ali Goff (Law Office of Alexandria Goff)

One of the things that stands out to me from Ali’s story is that intention does not require a lot of effort.  Certainly it helps to take action in the direction of your dreams, but intention is an internal decision, a full orientation toward a result that you commit to attaining.  It is a way of getting yourself in alignment with what you truly want.

Try it.  Write down your intentions, in living color, like Ali did, and see what happens.

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