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What if Motivation Never Comes?

I was in my book study group the other night and we were talking about making changes that will improve self-care. One of the attorneys brought up the idea of “how to get motivated.” Such a common topic when it comes to self-care.  Another attorney shared this story: in our Thursday night coaching group, one of the attorneys had said for about a year that she wanted to exercise, that she was “going to” exercise, and then each week that she had not exercised. Until one week she realized “the motivation is never coming.”  So she started exercising.


I have written on this topic more than once. This is my favorite blog post (by me) on it, because it contains the poem “the waiting place” by Dr. Seuss: http://www.mclarencoaching.com/the-true-nature-of-motivation/

So today I will just say this to you. You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do? You know how you really want to WANT to do it? You know how you’ve been looking for the thing that will inspire you to do it? Well, that inspiration may never come. Or it will. But are you really going to wait for it? Look for that perfect book that pushes you, or the coach, or the motivational speaker?  Or will you wait until your doctor says “it’s now or never?” or perhaps, “it’s too late.”

Or will you go exercise because you said so, because it will make you feel better, because it is the right thing for you, because it will give you energy, or (did I say this already?)…

Because. You. Said. So.

This short blog is for Ali, and for my Thursday night group of badass attorneys, present and past, who do not wait for motivation, inspiration, the perfect weather, divine guidance, for a plane to come or a train to go, who do things because they have decided to.

It is for my client who spent so much time in her head trying to figure out the best time and the best way to do each thing and then declared to me that she would start to live the Nike way – Just Do It.

It is for all of my clients who push out of their comfort zones every day because they want to make change, because they have decided to make change, because they know change is best for them, who draw on whatever they draw on internally, or on nothing at all. Who Just Do It.

And for you: What will you do today? The feeling isn’t coming.

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