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The Power of Intention

What does it mean to be intentional? How much can we change in our lives when we declare an outcome at the beginning of the day, or the beginning of a meeting or the beginning of a conversation? To declare the outcome we intend to generate takes us out of being “at effect” of the circumstances of our day and puts us in the driver’s seat. I coach an incredible group of women attorneys and we work quite a bit with this concept. Declaring the money they will make, the kind of day they will have, the kinds of clients they will bring in. Here is an email from one of these attorneys who has brilliantly taught this concept to her children:

So, my girls and I set our intentions for today and my little one declared an outcome! She is having a dress rehearsal for her class play and declared, “I will nail my lines.” Way to go, little one! I explained what an outcome declaration is and told her I was proud of her …, then I declared my own outcome for today…

I knew I was having lunch with a financial advisor. I declared that I would get a referral from him today. When I said that, I meant that he would tell me he had made a referral to me.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, we are enjoying lunch, talking about a variety of things, when he tells me he recently referred a couple to me for estate planning services.  🙂

Elise S. F. Baker, Esq.

Placer Law Group, APC

Of course you don’t know, as we have discussed in our group a number of times, that you will get a referral when you “declare” that you will get one. But it is far more effective than the alternative, which is to declare nothing and show up “hoping” something good will come from it.

Teach this to your children, as Elise did, to your employees, and by all means do it yourself. It can be all the difference in creating your success. And if nothing else, it is an empowering place to stand.

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