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What is Commitment? From “Coaching for Attorneys”

My book, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, is not just for attorneys. This week I excerpt the book on an important concept in any business and in attaining any goal you have – that of commitment:

What is Commitment?

We start by determining your level of commitment to those things you say are important to you. When you say you are “committed,” what does that men? How do you know if you are committed? And if it turns out you really are not as committed as you thought you were, what will you do about it? How will you change that?

Commitment is not necessarily shown by the language you use; it is evidenced by the actions you take. You cannot know for certain if you are committed, the level of your commitment, or what you are committed to, until you have acted–or not. You may say, “I am going to do that no matter what; you have my word; this is the greatest idea ever; I am on it!” But until the time comes for you to take action, you cannot know if you are truly committed to what you say you want. You learn what you are really committed to by looking at the actions you take.

It is through commitment that we generate what we say we want in our practice and our lives. You get what you want bBooky clearly stating what that is, deciding to go get it, and then taking action toward the result. It is in this action that we demonstrate commitment to the result. When we have strong commitment, we create our results intentionally. This is different from how we often create results in our lives which is by default: showing up, doing our best, seeing what happens, and taking what comes. Determining your level of commitment to a project or course of action is an accountable and proactive way of approaching your business that greatly increases the likelihood you will get what you say you want. (Coaching for Attorneys, pp. 58 – 59.)


And speaking of commitment:

In late September, McLaren Coaching will add another attorney coaching group. Attorney coaching groups are designed to support attorneys in achieving specific goals. Groups consist of members with similar goals, practices and/or circumstances. Our newest group will consist of newer attorneys, either in firms or on their own.

Part of the group will be coaching and part will be teaching tools such as:

• Time management
• Communication skills
• Goal-setting and attainment

Group members gain lasting skills and insights to running their practices while maintaining balance.  Most groups last long after the coaching ends and most attorneys find this ongoing support to be invaluable.

Attorney coaching groups are a great way to get the value of coaching at a much lower price.

“Group Coaching with Cami McLaren is one of the best things I have done for my practice! My practice is more profitable and my life is more balanced. Not only have I benefited from Cami’s coaching, but the support of the other attorneys has been inspiring. It is so nice to know that I am not alone in the hardships of running my own law firm and that I can conquer any problem that is thrown my way. I can’t recommend Cami enough.”  –Ali Goff (The Law Office of Alexandria Goff; www.GoffLegal.com)

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