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Survey on Motivation

At the beginning of the year, I sent out a survey asking what my followers wanted me to blog on. One of the top responses was “motivation”. In drafting this blog, I am going to take a slightly different approach. I am going to first ask YOU two questions. Then I will include the results in my blog post(s). In interacting in this way, I can coach you all to precisely what you want. The questions I am asking you to answer are fairly simple. This should only take a couple minutes.

1. What is motivation (to you)?

2. What are the main things that motivate you?

Please answer by posting a comment on my blog. To incentivize, I will do a drawing of all the people who respond by next Thursday, 5 pm PST. The winner will get to choose their prize from the following:

1. A one-hour coaching call with me.

2. A copy of my book Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance.

3. A copy of my 1 1/2 hour webinar on Time Management – Work Smarter not Harder.woman typing

Thank you for your participation!  Start typing!

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