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Precrastination – Who’d a Thought?

I read another interesting article – this one is about a concept I discuss frequently with my clients – the tendency to do that which is right in front of you, but does not yet need to be addressed, just to get it off your plate. This tends to be something we do at the expense of getting to the big things.

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Stephen Covey talked about big rocks (preparation and planning and long-range projects) and small rocks (things that are smaller in scope, and are before you right at this moment in time, little things which combined could easily constitute your entire day, and which though important do not usually make a lasting impact). Small rocks are those items being addressed in this interesting article on “precrastination” – the tendency to do things NOW so you don’t need to remember them for later. This is a problematic way to approach time as there are bigger things you want to get to (marketing in your business perhaps, or cleaning out the garage), which you never get to if you spend your days answering emails and your weekends running errands. Covey’s idea was to find a way to schedule those big rocks (or parts of them) first so they actually get done. The smaller rocks will get done, don’t worry. That’s where your focus is much of the time. (See Covey’s First Things First)

What do you think? What can you do to gain control of how you relate to these small rocks so you can get to the big rocks as well?

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