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What You Can Learn About Time


Following is an educational piece written by one of my clients about how to implement new time management practices. I hope you will find it useful. The class she is referencing will be giving via webinar on May 15 at 8:30. Click here and scroll down to learn more and to register: www.mclarencoaching.com

There were a few sub-topics under the time management class that I discovered were important and useful in my business. I am a residential mortgage loan officer with SAFE Credit Union. I am a 100% commission employee. Responding to new clients or existing clients in a timely manner is very important. Here are the three suggestions I implement and how they have impacted my business.

1. I had to learn where I wasted time in the day. The tedious task of tracking of all of my time was eye-opening. I found a few habits that were not serving me and in fact were “stealing” time from my day. The pop-up alert for Outlook was one of my biggest distractions. I would see that I had an email, then open the email. If it was something I could take care of quickly, I would do it. I learned from the time management lesson, that toggling back and forth between tasks is not as efficient as staying with one task until it is complete.

2. I thought I was a pro at multi-tasking but learned that is a myth. I now turn off my email for a specific period of time, to get the task done. I schedule in time to answer email. I also learned that I pick up my phone when it rings. This habit has been ingrained in me while growing up and we had the home phone which either hung on the wall or sit on a table. When the phone rang, you answered it. This is also distracting. I turn my ringer off and turn the phone over, so I can focus. These are simple solutions with impact.

3. I also make a list of the tasks I will accomplish for the next day. At the end of the day, I take a few minutes to review what happened during the day. I make a list of the tasks I will accomplish for the next day. This change in behavior helps me leave the office at the office and reduces the waking in the middle of the night in a panic for forgetting something. I love feeling accomplished; it is satisfying. Checking items off a list is one way I feel accomplished.

Karen Swanson • Senior Mortgage Officer
SAFE Credit Union • 1st Mortgage Sales

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