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Coaching for Attorneys – Accountability is Key

Here is an excerpt from my new book, Coaching for Attorneys:  Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance:

Conscious choice is the key to empowerment.  We are always choosing.  The question is whether we are choosing consciously or unconsciously.  The more conscious you are in your choice-making, the more likely you are to get what you want.



Many attorneys experience a sense of futility.  Often, “they have lost a sense of their own agency, the sense that their lives are theirs to make of what they will.  So people who are among the most gifted and privileged in the world instead live with a sense of drastically constricted possibilities of what they can do with their lives.”  (Steven Keeva, Transforming Practices pp. 195-196 (1999) (ABA Journal book)).


For most people, the real dissatisfaction in their practice and in their lives comes from feeling powerless to get what they want or to change what they have.  Most people feel more fulfilled, satisfied, and excited when they realize they have the power to create change in their practices and their lives.  When you realize that you have many choices and then start to choose consciously, possibilities are revealed that you never recognized before.  The key to seeing your choices and making them consciously is accountability.


Without an orientation toward accountability, you cannot create sustainable change.  The tools and resources in this book will not be effective and will not create lasting change in any aspect of your life if you are not willing to be accountable for what you have and what you are creating in your life.  This includes those things you like and those you don’t.  If you are going to use this book and its tools effectively, you must take ownership and responsibility for where you are and where you are going.  Similarly, the tools won’t work if you don’t take responsibility for using them.  (P. 33 – 34.)

To learn more about the book and order it as well:  http://www.mclarencoaching.com/coaching-for-attorneys/

Here is an interview on me about the book:   http://businessinfoguide.com/interview-cami-mclaren-author-of-coaching-for-attorneys-improving-productivity-and-attaining-balance/

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