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Networking for the Shy and Reserved

We all fall somewhere on a spectrum from introverted to extroverted.  Shy to outgoing.  Loner to people-person.  My favorite definition of the distinction between introvert and extrovert is that introverts tend to get their energy from being alone, while extroverts tend to get their energy from being with other people.  Contrary to some beliefs, it does not mean that introverts don’t like people.  It just means that sometimes being with a lot of other people can be draining for the introvert; and that the more reserved among us may not feel as comfortable around a lot of people.

But if you are in business you probably have to deal with people.  And in many professions, you must actively engage and network with others.  How to do this if you are on the more reserved end of the spectrum?  First, I say acknowledge it.  Tell yourself the truth.  Know where you are starting.  But don’t allow that to be an excuse.  Be innovative and find other ways to approach networking.

I recently read a great article, which I include here for your review:


What do you think?  Other techniques that you use and could share with others?  Let us know.

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