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Reverse Enrollment

I have invited clients who have participated in my Accountability and Enrollment classes to share their examples of enrollment so you can gain a different perspective.  Here is a guest blog from a former client of mine, Sharon Holbrook, who owns Cybertary Elk Grove, a Virtual Assistant business.  (http://elkgrove.cybertary.com/)  She is also my own Virtual Assistant and very knowledgeable in her job!  From Sharon:


REALITY & Enrollment


I have an experience to share that is a bit of “reverse enrollment”.  I have a bookkeeping client that I have been working with for almost a year.  We have evolved his accounting maintenance to a level of clarity he didn’t have before.  And he has grown significantly over the same time period adding another store to his business, which I have been able to manage for him as well.  The downside to his significant growth is his need for additional services which my business does not supply (tax advise).  Although we have made great strides in his processes, and he expresses his gratitude often, he has decided to move his accounting needs to a full service CPA.


Now, I could get extremely upset since I am the one that made things easier for him and developed processes he didn’t have before, which he will now transition to the new service provider, but instead I am choosing to continue to build our RapportEngage with him and the new provider, Ask questions of both the client and new provider, Listen for areas where I can continue to be of help, Internalize the results, Teach the new provider what we’ve done, and expect a YES from both confirming my integrity, willingness and potential referrals down the road.


I do this because my clients needs are greater than my own, I want to support him because I like and trust him, and I want him to continue to grow and consider me a partner in his business.


Cami comment:  What I love about this is how Sharon sees the opportunity to enroll this soon-to-be former client in having a positive relationship with her and sending her referrals down the road.  There are many different things we enroll others in and as Sharon points out, when we don’t get upset at a perceived “loss” we see the opportunity for further enrollment.

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